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Why Easylease?

Easylease started with one guy having the biggest brainwave ever: Just how difficult apartment marketing is to master on your own (and just how easily the revenue shoots up when it’s done right.)

Hi. I’m Ty Frankel, founder and CEO of Easylease.

I’m from Los Angeles, where high rises go up fast and demand is out of control. Having lived in the Midwest, Middle East, and Southeast Asia though, I’ve seen both sides of the real estate coin.

I was first approached by an apartment community experiencing a major freakout. Occupancy was hovering around 75%.

“We’re doing all the marketing we can,” they said.

Turns out, like most people in real estate, they just didn’t have a clue how to market. That property now sits at 95% occupancy. We work with properties from Maine to California. Some need a giant marketing injection. Others are doing fairly well, but let’s face it, “fairly well” doesn’t cut it in real estate.

The Easylease team are marketing pros in the same way that friend of yours can “just draw”. Picture how well they’d draw with a professional skill-set and industry experience, and you’ve got us.

Experts who know the industry - We stick to what we know. It’s why we don’t sell refrigerators. We eat, sleep, and breathe marketing for apartment communities (and we’re pretty damn amazing at it). Finally, a full-service solution that delivers something solid.

The Easylease Portal that changes everything - The easiest, simplest property management software ever. From beautiful charts and graphs captioning real-time marketing data to tenant maintenance requests and more, the Easylease Portal takes the hassle out of managing your property.

Big on speed, little on cost - We get your strategy, website, and marketing campaign launch done within 14 days. Our continued maintenance and optimization never expire. We hunt out the most cost-effective methods because hey, just like you, we get the meaning of ROI.

Hello, perfect residents, goodbye time-wasters - We’re all about attracting the right residents. From SEO to professionally-shot walkthroughs, everything we do is focused on getting your vacancies filled fast, and with the right people.

Is there a word for “all the passion in the world”? - Probably not. Instead of sitting here trying to sum up how passionate we are about marketing, let’s do something useful. Like helping you.

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