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How Long Will This Take?

Speed, Simplicity, And Getting More Units Filled In Just 14 Days

“If we had a dollar for every marketing company we’ve seen clown people around, we’d be rich enough to retire. Weirdly, we’d pick the website with the sleek photography, walkthrough videos, easy comms, and...oh, wait.”


Day 1: The Vision Becomes A Goal. The GoalBecomes A Quote.

How some companies can sit there offering a custom suit only to deliver “one size fits all” is beyond us. We talk to you. Properly. We sit down and analyze your objectives, your priorities, and your vision before setting a goal. With us, your goal is never a template.

You choose from our four packages.

While our service is tailored, we get that you expect a certain range of services(ideally laid out in a simple price plan).

Four packages. You pick one. We get going.


Day 2-5: Strategy, Planning, And A Brand Identity (That’s Yours)

If “business as usual” is a phrase you like the sound of, we’ll assume you don’t want to spend weeks planning. Precisely why you get experts like us to pack it into just 3 days. Start to finish.

Working with your goals as our only focus, we create a plan of timelines, schedules, and theidentity that will turn you from “just another property” into a brand.


Day 6- 13: Website Created And Launched (You’re Still Doing Nothing)

No, we don’t build state-of-the-art websites for entire apartment communities in one day. Dothat, and we’d have to pay someone to rewrite everything you’ve read so far.

Days 6-13 will be us multi-tasking like pros. The photographers and videographers will be on-site, the editors will assess the shoots, and the copywriters will be typing away.

With some meat to work with, we’ll then get going with the web developers, coders, designers,and UX folk (whose job it is to put the cherry on the cake). We’ll keep you posted on theprogress throughout, as well as asking or answering any questions. In case you haven’t realizedyet, we work as a relationship. You and us.


Day 14: Marketing Campaign Launches (And It Doesn’t End There)

You came to us for marketing. You expect results. While one chunk of the marketing is the website you’ve now got, there’s still the Google Ads, Easylease Portal, ILS, Sponsorships, and SEO. Lead tracking also isn’t something you want to be spending hours on.

We don’t do end dates. For the same reason you’d raise an eyebrow at a contractor who will “forever take care of the place” - but only for six months.

Maintenance and optimization are the reason we’ve got the nerve to use the word “infinity”. Regardless of which package you choose, you get us. Forever. Your website stays glossy, it’s changed when needed, the Easylease portal is scalable, and we’re always there to talk.

Speaking of. Let’s talk.

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