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Video Walkthroughs That Get Prospective Residents Saying “Yup, This Is It”

“Save hours of your time and bring in faster revenue with 3D and video walkthroughs that let the prospective resident see the place is right for them.”

Easylease shoots effective, high-quality video tours that highlight your property’s biggest assets. We showcase every balcony, bar, bed angle, and bath fixture to turn the “maybes” into definites.

Professional, on-site videographers

You might be on-site, but you’re not a professional with the camera. We work with the pros. They show up on time, bring all the necessary equipment, and know all the right lighting and angles to make the place shine.

There’s more to cover than you think

Think of all the times a viewer said yes or no because of the small things. They loved the feel of the bedroom’s veranda on their bare feet. They hated how low the chandelier is in the dining room. Tenants aren’t just interested in seeing a bed, a bath, and a bunch of couches. They want the full low-down. Our videos give them the 411.

Literally, how much time you’ll save

Sure, in-person tours are important. They’re what take up so much time. Quality video tours from a phone or computer? That takes your time and slashes it by 80%. Our videos give your viewers the element of desire before they’ve set foot in the door.

They get a feel for the place, you don’t budge

Aside from viewers being able to watch the video over and over, our 3D and video tours let your prospective resident picture themselves in the unit. Sink their feet into the carpet. Visualize breakfast on the balcony. Catch the living room light (because we filmed it).

Quality videos bring quality tenants

It’s simple psychology. Trash attracts trash. Premium attracts premium. Our videographers generally don’t need to ask which is needed.

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