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You’d Be Amazed Who Goes From “Maybe” To “Yes” With a 20% Gym Discount

“That post-movie restaurant you chose because your ticket offered a discount? You didn’t think twice. 25% off pizza keeps everyone happy. The company made millions.”

Easylease works with businesses local to your property. Well, to be more accurate, we leverage them. Consider this the “little extras” that make tenants that “little bit more interested”.

Just think about the amenities where you live

Unless you live on a freeway 200 miles from the nearest gas station, chances are you’re living in a place with stuff to do. Apartment communities are surrounded by the word they’re formed of: communities.  Malls, cafes, gyms, barbershops, and spas all influence housing decisions.

Draw tenants in with what they want

Identifying the exact type of resident you want is our job. We work with local businesses to pin down what will appeal most to them.

Showcasing your community values

If human beings didn’t care about their environment, they wouldn’t bother decorating. By offering local discounts or gift cards, you foster the sense of warmth and community that even the coldest person can’t resist. Residents want to feel like they’re a part of something. Making the property seem “complete” will help you complete that closure.

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