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The Right Google Ads For The Right Leads

Imagine you had a billboard by a highway. You’d pick words that resonate with as many people driving past as possible. Google Ads takes that billboard and tailors the words on it to each passing individual. If traffic to your website is an online highway, Google Ads are the purest way to drive it with high-quality, warm leads.”

Easylease offers you the right Google Ads to target exactly who you want. By positioning yourself in front of the right people, your ad reaches ideal residents. You aren’t casting a giant net over people who will waste your time. You only catch the fish you want (the ones you don’t want can pick up other bait).

Target by location, demographics, and interests

Our Google Ads experts know the right keywords to use. We include your specific demographics of age, income, being near good schools, green spaces, or commercial hubs (and more). Stop reaching unqualified leads. Save your budget for people who will sign.


We target your ad to specific locations that capture the right traffic. Whether it’s Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or Miami, your ad will only be viewed by people in your target area.

Easily measured. Results you can track

Most advertising is tricky to measure. Google Ads is the exact opposite. Once we find a winner ad, we scale it up for better results. If an ad is underperforming, we identify it, isolate it, and fix it.

Easily adjustable. Ads you can control

It’s about doing something useful with your data. Google Ads are the pants that come with an adjustable waistband. The accompanying mirror shows you a good (or bad) fit. You control the size, cut, and length. You’re literally wearing the pants in this.

All the ways speed is an advantage

Different forms of advertising have different advantages. SEO, for instance, takes longer, although the return is totally worth it. Google Ads can be up and connecting with people in minutes. They’re the best way to quickly get yourself in front of the right prospective tenant.

All the ways it saves you money

ILS sites have their uses. What they don’t do though, is target a specific audience. A big percentage of ILS viewers aren’t the right resident for you, but you’re still paying for the exposure. Google Ads allocates your dollars to where they matter: qualified leads.

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