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Easylease Portal

Oversee All Aspects Of Your Property Management From One, Easy-To-Use Hub

Keeping track of rent, repairs, complaints, and mountains of documents is enough to stress out your average, small-scale landlord. Doing it on a macro scale for apartment communities? It’s a full-time job.”

The Easylease Portal is acentralized hub that works as a two-way street. You oversee all management issues; vacant units, staff, maintenance, payments, invoices, newsletters, and more. Your tenants have a place to lodge complaints, submit relevant info, and communicate without calling your cell phone.

One system that handles everything

The beauty of the Easylease Portal is that it’s multi-faceted. From macro data-capturing to micro complaints, everything is in the same place.

Beautiful charts and graphs simplify everything

No one wants to live inside a spreadsheet. The Easylease Portal captures your data via easy-to-analyze charts and graphs to give you a simple, streamlined view of every aspect of your property.

A central point of contact

Your residents can log in, report issues, and upload photos or videos for maintenance staff. They can also book repair visits without getting property management involved. Meanwhile, your login lets you send emails and newsletters without the hassle of individual communications.

Centralize billing and invoicing

The Easylease Portal clearly shows you where the community stands on rent. All your billing and invoicing is centralized in one place.

Open 24/7, 365 days a year

In the same way the Easylease Portal lets residents lodge a maintenance issue over Christmas, it gives you the freedom to add info (or review data) 24/7, 365 days a year. The portal never closes.

Capture sales funnels and data

View vacancy status, ratios, and rents in easy-to-view charts and graphs that show you exactly where you stand. The Easylease Portal tracks leads, ads, and listings; all grouped in one place. You get a bird’s eye view that lets you see the big picture (before zooming in on the specifics).

Easy for staff with live chats

Property management are no strangers to ringing phones. The Easylease Portal lets them communicate with tenants via live chat, track projects, progress, and handle all comments in one centralized system. With the Easylease Portal, staff can reach you just as easily as residents can reach them.

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