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3D Floorplans

State-Of-The-Art Walkthroughs That Give Your Prospects An Actual Walkthrough

They’ve seen the photos. They’ve watched the videos. Closing fast in 2019 needs one more component: 360 visualization of your unit via sleek, 3D floorplans that let the prospective resident see that the place is right for them. The more they can see from their couch, the less time they’ll waste booking a viewing (only to decide it’s “not for them”)."

Easylease custom-builds 3D floorplans and video tours that give your viewers a literal “view of the place”. You get peace of mind knowing you’ve found one more way to draw residents in. They get peace of mind knowing they’ve seen the property as it is (every corner and curve, furnished or unfurnished).

Floorplans specific to your unit

Your apartment community might be formed of similar units, but details matter. Put it this way- would you be satisfied with a floorplan of the place upstairs because it’s “almost the same?” We go bespoke. You get a floorplan of the specific unit you’re showing.

Professional 3D and graphic designers who know the industry

There’s a reason we hire real estate graphic designers, not travel ones. Poorly crafted floorplans turn residents off. If floorplans aren’t high-quality, viewers will question the quality of the property. If floorplans aren’t specific, viewers will find a specific reason to turn the property down.

You don’t need to be on-site

Standing around your own empty units waiting for the floorplan guy to show isn’t something you have time for. You shoot us over the details, we get the team on it, and your 3D floorplan is delivered, ready-to-view.

Attractive furnishings, flowers, and finishing touches

In the same way you’d brush up the place for an in-person viewing, our 3D floorplans add the finishing touches. Think hardwood or clean-carpeted floors, vases and flowers, coffee table books, and complementing colors, styles, and lighting.

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